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synopsis:Labor costs are getting higher and higher, and the polishing industry is dangerous. This gave birth to polishing robots. Songle polishing robot is built by a professional high-qual...


Polishing robot work video

1. Why do factories use polishing robots

At present, in the production of metal products in my country, skilled workers are generally used for manual grinding and polishing with electric and pneumatic grinding tools. The flammable and explosive dust generated during polishing is undoubtedly a potential hazard to the human body. Every year in our country, there will be major safety accidents caused by excessive grinding and polishing dust, which has caused great personal and property losses. How to avoid this kind of production accident from happening again? To fundamentally solve this problem, it is necessary to transform and upgrade the production method, and replace manual polishing with a polishing robot.

The use of polishing robots not only frees workers from the dangerous production environment, but also improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. Shenzhen Songjian grinding and polishing robot has a wide range of applications. It can handle all kinds of metal products. The grinding and polishing are more accurate and efficient. At the same time, it is safer than human handling this work on a lathe.

2. Introduction to the characteristics of Songle polishing robot

Songle polishing robot adopts advanced cutting software and machining force control technology, as well as a comprehensive configuration of spindle, tool magazine, turntable, etc., which can replace manual and deburring machine tools for casting, sheet metal, Automatic processing of polishing and deburring of sanitary ware, computer notebook, mobile phone and other shells. The robotic grinding automation system quickly and effectively removes excess material from the surface of processed parts and products.

Regardless of the industry in the factory production, if there is a grinding process in mass production, it cannot be without automation equipment. The non-standard nature of the grinding process and the flexible requirements for the grinding action have become technical obstacles for general-purpose grinding machines. Combining the grinder and the robot into a single robotic grinding system or a complete robotic grinding equipment, supplemented by transmission lines and corresponding fixture technology to develop a complete grinding process automated production line, can efficiently complete the automated grinding process of non-standard parts.

Precision polishing of parts of different materials is a science in itself. It requires manufacturers to be equipped with automated grinding machines, grinding equipment and production lines, expertise in the grinding process, appropriate grinding techniques and correct grinding procedures.

The polishing robot developed by Shenzhen Songle Robotics Co., Ltd. solves all these troubles for you. Songjian Robot also provides you with professional non-standard parts polishing solutions to help you solve the problems of polishing automation and boost productivity.

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