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Polishing robot for sanitary industryCategory:Grinding and polishing robot

synopsis:The polishing robot for the sanitary industry developed by Songle Robotics Company


The characteristics of polishing robots in Songle sanitary ware industry

Consistency: Polishing is a tedious and repetitive work, and the robot can work continuously and stably

Improve quality: the robot can work continuously without fatigue, which is very suitable for the needs of this work

Employee safety: related operations have potential safety hazards, and robots reduce the safety risks of the factory

Environmentally friendly: The dust environment at the polishing job site is extremely harsh, and the robot can work safely in the smoke and dust environment

Reduce waste: The automated robotic polishing system can easily provide the consistency and accuracy needed to ensure that the product is uniform and thoroughly polished.

Reduce cycle time: The polishing robot is programmed to apply the right amount of pressure and just moves in the right direction, resulting in faster and more effective performance than manual applications.

The robotic polishing system can be widely used in the polishing operations of complex curved surfaces, such as aviation blades, steam turbine blades, water turbine blades, windmill blades, titanium alloy artificial joints, sanitary ware, digital home appliances, stationery and sports goods and other final processing processes, so that the surface quality of the workpiece can be obtained. A substantial increase.

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