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The four-axis robot has a simple structure, low cost, and high reliability. Purpose: To provide a low-cost, easy-to-install and maintain, four-axis SCARA robot with strong operability. Functions: sorting, grabbing, handling, and packaging objects. Four-axis robots are also widely used in the plastics industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry and other fields.


Four-axis robot body application video

The arm part of the four-axis robot can move freely in a geometric plane. The first two joints of the four-axis robot can freely rotate left and right on the horizontal plane. The third joint consists of a metal rod called a feather and a holder. The metal rod can move up and down in a vertical plane or rotate around its vertical axis, but it cannot be tilted. This unique design makes the four-axis robots have strong rigidity, so that they are capable of high-speed and high-repetitive work. In packaging applications, four-axis robots are good at high-speed pick-and-place and other material handling tasks.


Batch drawing of four-axis robot

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