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Four-axis robot body SL6-600-SRCategory:Robot body

synopsis:Four-axis robot body SL6-600-SR


Four-axis robot body SL6-600-SR


Rated load: 2kg

Maximum load: 6kg

Arm length: J1+J2 600mm; J1 325mm; J2 275mm

Repeat positioning accuracy: J1+J2 ±0.025mm; J3 ±0.015mm; J4 ±0.01mm

Working range: J1 ±132°; J2 ±150°; J3 0~200mm; J4 ±360°

Maximum speed: J1 375°/s; J2 588°/s Composite speed 6740mm/s; J3 1100mm/s; J4 1920°/s

Weight (including 3m standard cable): 18kg

Installation method: ground

Protection level: IP20

Allowable loading inertia of Joint #4: 0.01 (kg·㎡)

Robot shaft diameter: 20mm

Robot perforation: 14mm

Mounting hole: 150x150; 4-M8

Drive mode: AC servo motor drive

Motor energy consumption: J1 400W; J2 200W; J3 100W; J4 100W

Pressure on Joint #3: 100N

Equipped with customer wire: 15-pin: D-sub

Equipped with customer's trachea: 1 trachea (φ4mm): 0.59Mpa (6kgf/cm².86psi)

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