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Parallel sorting robotCategory:Sorting robot

synopsis:The parallel sorting robot is a high-efficiency and high-speed handling robot.


The parallel sorting robot is a high-efficiency and high-speed handling robot. It is named after its unique mechanical arm with a parallel rod structure. Compared with other industrial robots, it is characterized by relatively high handling speed and better positioning. Accuracy, high repeat positioning accuracy, so it is widely used in industrial production, especially in assembly line work (for example, food packaging assembly line).

Due to its compact structure and high flexibility, it can realize multi-degree-of-freedom grasping, loading and unloading, and reduce interference with surroundings; small footprint and large working space; multi-degree-of-freedom grasping, loading and unloading; widely used in electronics Product sorting and transportation in the product industry, automobile industry, plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

The parallel sorting robot is the popularization and application of the ACP theory of complex system modeling and control in the field of intelligent robots. Parallel sorting robots, by constructing a software-defined robot (SDR), correspond to the actual robot, and realize the decoupling of robot software and hardware, and the separation of knowledge and behavior. Physical robots are rooted in physical space and cyberspace, benefit from electromechanical technology, control technology, sensor technology, Internet of Things and other technologies, serve industrial automation, and can perform tasks such as sorting, moving, handling, and welding in physical space. Software robots are rooted in cyberspace and interactive social space. Driven by technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and crowdsourcing, they serve knowledge automation and can perform knowledge tasks such as search, reasoning, decision-making, optimization, and interaction.

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