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synopsis:Songle six-axis spraying robot model parameter map


Songle six-axis spraying robot model parameter map


The six-axis spray robot provides great flexibility for robot work, and has fewer axes than their counterpart robots. The flow range is from a few kilograms to 1200 + kilograms. The six-axis spraying robot can place an object or end the arm tool at any position (X, Y, Z) in space, and can orient the tool or object in any direction. Each joint of the six-axis spray robot can freely rotate in the horizontal plane like a four-axis spray robot, and the latter two joints can move in the vertical plane. In addition, the six-axis spraying robot has an "arm" and two "wrist" joints, which gives it the ability of a human arm and wrist to be similar, and can spray concealed areas that are difficult to spray.


Six-axis spraying robot structure diagram

The picture above shows the mechanical structure of a common six-axis spraying robot. The six servo motors directly drive the rotation of the six joint shafts through harmonic reducers, synchronous belt wheels, etc., pay attention to the structure of the first, second, third, and four-axis, joints The drive motors of one to four are hollow structures. It should not be common for the drive motors of articulated robots to adopt a hollow shaft structure. The motors of the hollow shaft structure are generally larger. The advantage of using a hollow shaft motor is that the various control pipelines of the robot can pass directly from the center of the motor. No matter how the joint shaft rotates, the pipeline will not rotate with it. Even if it rotates, the pipeline has a small rotation because it is arranged on the axis of rotation. radius. This structure better solves the pipeline layout problem of the six-axis spraying robot.

Six-axis spraying robot working video

Technical characteristics of six-axis spraying robot

1. Accurate spraying, long uptime, low paint consumption, short working cycle, 24 hours uninterrupted work, high reliability

2. Fast spraying speed, uniform spraying, automatic adjustment of spray gun height, front and rear, and angle positions according to changes in the workpiece, flexible spraying size control, 360-degree spraying without dead spots.

3. The robot is explosion-proof, environmentally friendly, and has high safety performance, and the operation and control are simple and easy to learn.

4. The spraying robot can spray 2-5 different products at the same time, and one unit can be used for multiple units.

5. The spraying robot has a long service life, no wearing parts, simple maintenance, and fewer wearing parts such as guide rails and belts than the five-axis spray booth;

6. The program can store 300 groups, and the program can be copied by U disk, which is convenient and simple to manage;

7. For the corners of the motion trajectory, the arc filtering function can be used. There is no need to stop at the end of the line, and the arc is filtered directly to the next line. The speed does not stop, which improves the efficiency and reduces the start-stop impact.

8. The spray gun trigger can be added to the motion track, and the spray position switch gun can be added according to the product needs to reduce the waste of paint.

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