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Double-arm explosion-proof spraying robotCategory:Spraying robot

synopsis:Explosion-proof spraying robots are not military explosion-proof and EOD robots, but refer to industrial robots with explosion-proof functions.


Explosion-proof spraying robots are not military explosion-proof and EOD robots, but refer to industrial robots with explosion-proof functions. Simply put, they are robots with high safety levels, strong protection capabilities, and can adapt to some special working environments. Usually the IP rating is above 54.


Double-arm explosion-proof spraying robot

When spraying, whether it is powder spraying or painting, because to ensure uniformity, it must be atomized. The composition of the paint is all chemical substances, and the paint mist and other volatilized gases are flammable. The spraying job site is like a gasoline station, which is flammable and explosive. The robot is controlled by electricity, and if it is not properly protected, it will cause fire and explosion.


Double-arm explosion-proof spraying robot

Therefore, in spraying projects, international standards require that explosion-proof spraying robots must be used, and the common scenes of explosion-proof spraying robots are also in spraying projects, so spraying robots are often referred to as explosion-proof spraying robots.

Working video of double-arm explosion-proof spraying robot

Parameters of double-arm explosion-proof spraying robot


Features of double-arm explosion-proof spraying robot

1. Accurate spraying, long uptime, low paint consumption, short working cycle, 24 hours uninterrupted work, high reliability

2. Fast spraying speed, uniform spraying, automatic adjustment of spray gun height, front and rear, and angle positions according to changes in the workpiece, flexible spraying size control, 360-degree spraying without dead spots.

3. The explosion-proof design can be applied in various environments, with high safety performance and easy operation and control.

4. The spraying robot can spray 2-5 different products at the same time, and one unit can be used for multiple units.

5. The spraying robot has a long service life, no wearing parts, simple maintenance, and fewer wearing parts such as guide rails and belts than the five-axis spray booth;

6. The program can store 300 groups, and the program can be copied by U disk, which is convenient and simple to manage;

7. For the corners of the motion trajectory, the arc filtering function can be used. There is no need to stop at the end of the line, and the arc is filtered directly to the next line. The speed does not stop, which improves the efficiency and reduces the start-stop impact.

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