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Six-axis welding robot SL6-1600Category:Welding Robot

synopsis:The latest six-axis welding robot body SL6-1600 and intelligent welding robot developed by Songle Robotics


Six-axis welding robot SL6-1600 body parameter configuration


Model: SL6-1600 welding robot;

Robot type: multi-joint robot;

Number of control axes: 6 axes (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6);

Installation form: ground/top surface;

Loadable weight: 6KG;

Action range: J1 ±180°; J2 -60°~﹢140°; J3 -155°~﹢80°; J4 ±170°; J5 ±180°; J6 ±360°;

Maximum operating speed: J1 axis 148°/s; J2 axis 109°/s; J3 axis 214°/s; J4 axis 441°/s; J5 axis 580°/s; J6 axis 696°/s;

Allowable load moment of inertia on the wrist of the standard welding gun 6kg: J4 0.1923kg·㎡; J5 0.1923kg·㎡; J6 0.0853kg·㎡;

Allowable torque on the wrist of standard welding gun 6KG: J4 9.6N·m; J5 9.6N·m; J6 5.46N·m;

Drive mode: use AC servo motor for electrical servo drive;

Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.08mm;

Maximum arm span: 1600mm;

The mass of the robot body: 163KG;

Installation environment temperature: 0~40;

Installation environment humidity: 20~80%RH;

Allowable installation height: below 1000m above sea level;

Vibration acceleration: below 4.9m/s² (0.5G);

There should be no corrosive gas. (See the operation manual for details)

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